According to Jewish tradition, as the soul (neshama) returns to Hashem and finds its place in the World of Spirit, good deeds and prayer assist the neshama in its upward journey. It is the neshama’s credit that the surviving family is inspired to perform these mitzvot and recite these prayers, due to the values they taught in their lifetime. 


The primary example of this is the daily Kaddish, which declares our faith in Hashem and His great name. Other popular mitzvot undertaken are giving tzedaka in their memory, and for Torah to be studied in their merit. 


For this reason Cape Town Torah High launched the Soul Gifts Project, to assist you in perpetuating your beloved’s legacy, while bringing merit and peace to their neshama.


Please consider one of these Mitzvah options and suggested tzedaka opportunities:


  1. Dedicate the Torah learning of the Yahrzeit, or the closest school day to it, in the memory of your loved one (suggested donation R1,800).

  2. Kaddish will be recited daily in memory of your loved one (suggested donation R5,400).

  3. Sponsor a scholarship for one term for a needy student at CTTH (suggested donation R18,000).

  4. Sponsor a scholarship for one semester (two terms) for a needy student at CTTH (suggested donation R36,000).

  5. Sponsor the education of an entire year for a needy student at CTTH (suggested donation R72,000).


We wish you and your family comfort and consolation, and may you only experience health, nachas, and joy. 

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