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ע״ש מרת ברטינה סימונה בת חנוך ז״ל


Learning Mishnayos and Cover Ground!



  1. Learn 4 Mishnayos every day following the curriculum of

  2. The learning has to be with Chavrusa - learning from the “Summary”.

  3. Long term Goal: getting to know תורה שבעל-פה like a proper בן-תורה !



  1. Finishing a perek of Mishnayos is granting you Rands as same as the number of the perek as follows: 1st Perek - 1 ZAR, 2nd - 2 ZAR, 3rd -3 ZAR etc.

  2. Taking a test at the end of the Masechet gives you 20 ZAR. 

  3. Finishing full Seder of Mishnayot grants you 10 ZAR per each Masechet. For example: for finishing Seder Zrai’im that has 11 Masechtot - 110 ZAR .  

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